Sunday, February 26, 2006

Where does the time go?

I can't believe that it is Sunday night already. I have spent this weekend food shopping, cooking and cleaning and no scrapping. Part of that is because of the way I food shop. I have to hit about four-five stores just to get everything I want. I have one place for meats, another for vegetables, another for household goods, and another for pantry items. Then of course I have to hit the dollar store for those "special" deals. So it becomes an all day event. The good thing is that I end up spending only about $150 to $175 dollars for the month for the three of us. That's not bad, huh. Tiffany has gotten me hooked on the sweet and salty granola bars. The almond version is just too good, and they are priced just right at Walmart.
Now I have to do my daughters hair for her trip to The Franklin Institute tomorrow. I got bumped as a chaperone because of limited space, so I want to make sure she is well prepared.
On another note, I am really bummed out about not being able to do any scrapping this weekend. I can't say that I've lost my mojo, I just keep letting life's daily struggles and turmoil get in my way. There are at least two challenges on A Cherry on Top that I want to complete by Tuesday and one that I have until March 15 to tackle. So let me wash dishes, do hair, iron clothes, vaccum for the night and oh yeah scrapbook. Talk to you later.


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Hope you were able to get some scrappin done!

Dana Brooks said...

girl, are you my sister or what? I am the same way when it comes to grocery shopping. I have a certain place for meats, another store that has good sales. I swear grocery shopping for me is like working an 8 year job. Dana

Lisa D. said...

Tamika, you are too funny. I totally understand what you mean about shopping. Hope you are able to get some scrapping done.

Anonymous said...

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