Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Shopping in the City

The girls and I took public transportation into Center City and shopped until we dropped. Here they are in front of a big Center City law firm. It reminded me of my shopping trips with my mother when I was younger (even though I don't go down there too often now). There is still something magical about being downtown.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Least Favorite Thickers

I have been (and still am) a thickers fan for a while - even though I still struggle with what to do with those extra letters, like how many "z" words can I use? But these Salutation Fabric Thickers drive me CRAZY!!! I used them once, and when I tried to put them back in the package I got a jumbled mess. I am not crazy about the script and honestly there are a couple of letters I just can not figure out. The crazy thing is I just could not bring myself to throw them away.
"What if I found a tutorial on how to use them?"
"Maybe I can salvage them for one of my many backlogged mini albums?"
"There has to be some use for them! "
Alas after my last cleaning session, and finding a couple of letters stuck to my pants I just threw them in the trash. It was a hard parting of ways but something had to give.

Friday, December 16, 2011

St. Ignatius Holiday Bazzar

This year i attempted to do a couple of craft fairs. I am not a pro at it like Tiffany , but she has inspired me to try to go bigger and better each year. Since this was a kid centered and school related event I tried to keep the items relevant. I made about $200 and my sister gifted the table fee so it was a great day. My family came out to support me and my nephews even got their pictures take with Santa. all in all it was a great day. My niece (not pictured) is going to help me get ready for the African-American Marketplace in February - I am excited.

Still Catching up

Things in my life are happening faster than I can blog but I hope to get caught up soon. I still have pictures from the bazzar that I vended at this month that I would like to share, photos from my gingerbread house party, and Monday was my second wedding anniversary and my husband made it super special. I am almost finish my Christmas shopping for the first time in my life before December 24th so I am excited, lol. Here is a quick card that I did for my husband's co-worker. I really like Jillbean Soup's Dutch Mustard, I snagged it up at the CKC Vendor Faire this year.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Friday After

I must confess that I am one of those people who will get up at 3 o'clock in the morning to go shopping on Black Friday with my niece. Sadly this year I had to work Friday so we decided to start out early Thanksgiving night. I happily stood in line and maneuvered through the crowds to get a couple of goodies. One of the things I just HAD to have was a wi-fi blu ray player. At first I couldn't understand what the big deal was but after setting it up and watching a movie I have converted and I love this new addition to my electronic family.

Next on my list since I broke my camera over the summer was to find an affordable point and shoot camera, so I was happy to find a Nikon for a good deal for myself. Nikon is one of my favorite brands and although there is a little bit of a learning curve (that I could probably get over faster if I would just take the time to read the manual, lol), this camera takes great pictures.

I also got a few gifts for others but I can't go into details until after December 25, wink wink~

I did a little shopping online too at and purchased a couple of Slice cards and a hands free collar. I received a free gift with my order and imagine my surprise when all of this arrived as my free gift! Not a bad shopping day at all!

Hey Tamika, where have you been....................

.............................around the corner and back again. That was a little "step" song that my friends and I use to sing/cheer to while playing outside. It is funny how those memories pop up out of no where. It has a snazzy beat that is hard to recreate via text but now it is stuck in my head, lol.

Boy, it has been so long and I have so much to tell and share but I won't overload one post, I will just keep posting for the next couple of days. So outside of crafting, ordering and reorganizing my baby girl turned 15 years old on Thanksgiving day.

Wow that was so hard for me for some reason. I think reality set in that I no longer have babies and soon both apron strings will be cut. I love both of my girls to pieces so as hard as it is I am excited for them to grow, learn and experience the world!


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