Sunday, February 26, 2006

Where does the time go?

I can't believe that it is Sunday night already. I have spent this weekend food shopping, cooking and cleaning and no scrapping. Part of that is because of the way I food shop. I have to hit about four-five stores just to get everything I want. I have one place for meats, another for vegetables, another for household goods, and another for pantry items. Then of course I have to hit the dollar store for those "special" deals. So it becomes an all day event. The good thing is that I end up spending only about $150 to $175 dollars for the month for the three of us. That's not bad, huh. Tiffany has gotten me hooked on the sweet and salty granola bars. The almond version is just too good, and they are priced just right at Walmart.
Now I have to do my daughters hair for her trip to The Franklin Institute tomorrow. I got bumped as a chaperone because of limited space, so I want to make sure she is well prepared.
On another note, I am really bummed out about not being able to do any scrapping this weekend. I can't say that I've lost my mojo, I just keep letting life's daily struggles and turmoil get in my way. There are at least two challenges on A Cherry on Top that I want to complete by Tuesday and one that I have until March 15 to tackle. So let me wash dishes, do hair, iron clothes, vaccum for the night and oh yeah scrapbook. Talk to you later.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cutter Shopping

Okay, I am in serious need of a cutting system. I have a Sizzlit die cutter that works great. I never invested in a Sizzix just because it seemed so expensive buying different dies and fonts. Just as I was going to breakdown and buy a Sizzix the electronic cutters started to come out. So I have been looking at the options. I like the wishblade. I actually love the wishblade. The biggest attraction is that it is compatible with any true type font. The drawbacks are that it has be hooked up to the computer and it seems like there is a learning curve and oh yeah, the price. But I found a web site The Scrappin Path that will allow you to put it on layaway and its is even on sale for $439.00. But then on the other hand there is the cricut. This is too cute. It looks easy to use and it is portable. The price tag is $299.00 (I found a site that had pre-orders for $269.00)which isn't that bad. The drawback is that you have to purchase cartridges to get different fonts at $89.00 a cartridge. That can really add up. So now I am wondering am I being too frugal especially since right now I am hand cutting letters and some of my images. Or is the market going to change and these machines are going to be on sale at ridiculously low prices and I'll regret not holding out a little longer. I did make one major decision however - after I purchase a cutter, then I am on scrap book shopping hiatus. I am going to limit my purchases to cardstock necessities and my monthly kit until I reach my goal of completing several albums. I have found myself becoming a collector instead of a creator and I don't like it. Maybe I will hold off my purchases until the CK in Valley Forge this summer, that will make the experience more exciting.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Random Facts About Me

I got this from Bonzairn's blog. Just a little Friday fun, TGIF.

* I know all of the words to "Rapper's Delight", by the Sugar Hill Gang and "The Show" by Dougie E. Fresh.

* I chose my second daughters middle name (Corrin) while watching reruns of Happy Days at 1:30 a.m. with heartburn (Marion was telling Howard about their friends Corrin and Ed)

*I am the youngest of five girls (I was a surprise pregnacy)

* I collect african american dolls

* I love computers, puzzles, math - anything with a solution

* I've written several short stories and have started a book - It will take years to finish

* I've never been married. Some missed chances, some close calls I'm glad to have avoided but there's still hope.

* I love to cook. I make mostly every meal from scratch - even during the work week.

That's it for me, Happy Friday.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow Joke

Weather forecasting is about the only profession where you can be wrong 90% of the time and not get fired. But good grief when they are right you have to give them their props. It has been snowing here since 1:30 p.m. Saturday and it now 11:45 a.m. on Sunday. Don't get me wrong it is definitely beautiful and the girls are dressed and ready to go out and play. It has made the hustle and bustle of the city halt to a quiet calm and there is hardly a car on the street. But the bad comes too, the shoveling, digging out, slick spots on the roads and the accidents. I did some scrapping to pass the time and made some discoveries this weekend. First I love 8x8 layouts. It is especially great for single pictures.
I did this one of Jas with alphabet stencils . So then I decided to continue using the alphabet stencils on one for Jade too.
Now I have decided to do an A-Z album about me and my family. I have already started the C page and I am so excited about it coming together. I'll keep you updated. My other discovery is that I love Simple Scrapbooks magazine. I have subscribed to several different magazines in the past, but now my top three are Scrapbooks Etc, Simple Scrapbooks and Creating Keepsakes in that order. Lastly, rub-ons must be made by cigarette manufacturers because they are so addictive. I have been online trying to find more to buy!! Well I'm off to shovel out my car... I would pay someone to do it but you know nothing ever seems done right unless you do it yourself.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Finally a Boy Layout

Coming from a household of girls, going to an all girls High School, having two daughters and having mostly female relatives and friends I realized I have never done an all boy layout. I was determined to do something that was not pink or pastel. Since I now have three grand-nephews I focused my energy on a layout for my oldest two nephews. They are so fun to be around. I enjoy their company and they love teaching me how to play video games. Hope you like it (My stitching software isn't the greatest).

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Has it been that long?

I can't believe it has been so long since I've posted. So much every day life stuff, like paying bills, taking care of my girls, working, etc has taken over my time. One of the best things to happen recently is that my very best friend called me to tell me she is pregnant for the first time. Plus she is pregnant with twins!!!!! She is due in September, I am so excited. I know that she will make a wonderful mother. Her husband is great and she has the biggest heart, so much love to share. I have found that my cure for scrapping block is to either shop or to make cards. I have made some really cool purchases including the new 3 bugs in a rug paper and the chatterbox embellishment packs, they should be here tomorrow. We will be watching the superbowl commercials tonight (oh yeah, the game too) and ordering pizza. Go Eagles, I mean Steelers.


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