Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Look Up in the Sky..........................

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's.......................................an actual layout, lol. I know, i can hardly believe it myself. I don't know where all of the time goes but I wish I could get it back. Hopefully in May things will get a little better. I might be going on a compressed work week at work which will give me every other Friday off from work, giving me a little more creative time alone. But right now everyday is just busy. here are some pictures from this weekend.

layout of my niece using Echo Park Happy Days

My henna tattoo from my nieces birthday party

kahlua cupcakes I made for the party, yummy!

Diaper bike for my cousin's baby shower

My cousin is such a good sport, lol.

I saw this on JoAnn's website and just loved the photo, lol.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Busier than Usual

I am sorry to be M.I.A. but it has gotten a little busy, I have to finish a website for a friend of my husband's, twenty five martini glasses to decorate, 100 cupcakes to make, make seafood salad for 50 people, finish two diaper cakes and still do laundry, food shopping, work, etc, etc. And through it all my heart wants to SCRAP! I will figure it all somehow, in the meantime here are the favors I did this past weekend for a red and silver baby shower. Each pillow box contained a package of microwaveable popcorn.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Siri is gonna get her butt kicked!

So my husband  and i are messing with his siri feature on his iphone tonight so he said good night to her she said good night to you too. So i said do you want to sleep with my husband and she was like i dont understand that question so i said bitch do you want to sleep with my husband, she said i'd blush if i could. Then i told him to tell her he loves her and she said oh, i bet you say that to all of your apple products! What kind of craziness is this!

Free for All Fridays - My Opinion on Scraplifting and Giving Credit

I said to myself that I was not going to comment on it because of the draining effect of negativity but it has been nagging at me and I wanted to express my opinion and see how others felt. So without going into a ton of detail and naming names (some of you are already familiar with this controversy) there is a bit of a blog battle of words going on between two very talented ladies over scraplifting. Let me be fair because it is a little deeper than that. These ladies are on design teams and you can tell by the quality of their work they put a lot of time and effort in their designs. I think that part of the dissent is the fact that one lady seems to be even emulating the other's style of decorating her home, photography, and blog style. Now it is true imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but I have to wonder where is the line drawn?

I don't think I have a particular "style" of scrapbooking. When I look back on my layouts and cards they seem to run a gamut of styles to me and there are other scrappers that I think are like me like Gemiel (I see a lot of my style in her layouts), my bestie Mika (although I believe she definitely thinks more out of the box than I do), My West Coast sister Tricia and many others. I am influenced by other peoples layouts but it may be something simple like a flower they used, am I suppose to give them credit for that?

But on the other hand there are scrappers whose work I would recognize instantly like Thomisia - her layout pages are unmistakably creative, she uses a lot of photos and usually does two pagers and has been doing so for a while (back to the african-american scrappers website - remember that?, lol). Ms Kat Blue is another person who generally uses white space and embellies to make her layouts pop and has developed a certain style. And then there is Miss Essense , a scrapper with a clean artistic style that I think she has developed into her own over the years and I tend to know her work instantly so if I "copied or scraplifted" a layout to the point that I was using their style I would definitely give them credit.

I can't profess to know what is proper ettiquette in scrapbooking but for me it all boils down to this just being paper and glue. Either way it is not that deep. There are so many other ills of the world I would be ashamed to make a big deal out of someone scraplifting my work and if I felt like someone crossed the line into my personal world I would probably just come off of the internet and share my craft only with those close to me. The only thing that would actually make me angry would be if someone copied a picture of my layout, with my family in the photos and claimed them as their own, that is just too much. I really don't do this for the glory, just for the love of crafting, the social part is a perk to me.

Disclaimer: this is just my opinion. I am not taking sides in the above mentioned dispute as it is not for me to say who is wrong or right.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Thirsty Thursdays - Must Have Products

WRMK Luck 8 Punches - I remember over a year ago when i saw these punches I immediately put them on my "must-have" list. I love the concept of these punches, but rumor has it that there have been some serious technical difficulties with these punches so before I invest over $30 a piece for them I am going to wait to hear the feedback when they offically hit the market.

The Blues - I am really ejoying the blue color combinations from this CHA and I have several collections on my list -
Heidi Swapp's new line (always been a fan, I was so excited to see her products!)

Teresa Collins - not always a favorite but I have my sister's wedding photos to scrap that will match this collection perfectly.

And Colorbok - this line is being released through JoAnn's stores. I popped in there last week to pick it up but the papers weren't in stock, just the embellies and you know I have to have it all so I will try again this weekend.

Again not usually on my list, but I adore these Tim Holtz stamps.

And I MUST HAVE these buttons, they are sooo cute and soooo out of stock at most of my favorite retailers, lol.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

SMASH Wednesdays - My Inspiration

So the question for today is "The thing that most inspires me to actually sit down and create is....." but instead I have a person. I know I mention her a lot but Mika is such a big part of my life. Not only are we scrap buddies but we are very good friends. My day doesn't start off right unless I talk to her. When I am having a good day she makes it even brighter and when I am having a bad day she is a non-judgmental sounding board. She and I are close enough to tell each other when we are wrong without any hurt feelings. We have had minor bumps but trust me I wanted to get past them fast, she is the last person in the world that I would want to be mad at me. We are a little competitive too, we try to keep up with one another with creating layouts and we are always comparing booty size, lol. She inspires me in so many ways, especially to be a better person and a better scrapper, I love you girl!

We Interrupt Our Regulary Scheduled Blog Post.....

For an important announcement! But I can't tell you what it is!!!!!!!!!! Well not yet anyway but I have some big news coming. It is something new and exciting and I am super happy to be a part of.....................oh crap, I almost gave it away. Keeping a secret is harder than I thought! Stay tuned and I will keep you updated! But it is going to happen soon, I promise!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Technique/Tool Tuesday - A Sticky Situation

I love my Xyron Machines! First of all I love any machine that does not take batteries and does not need to be plugged in. Just some good old-fashioned manual power does the trick. Here is my family of products and each machine serves a specific purpose for me.

So as you know the number on the xyron represents the size of the paper it can take, like these 150's can take paper up to 1.5 inches in width. I use these the most especially when working with my cricut or slice machines. I get total even, non messy coverage on the smallest of cuts.

My 510 can handle paper up to five inches in size and comes in handy when I am doing craft fair projects. I have a variety of cartridges for this machine including the two sided lamination and the one side lamination and other side magnet cartridges.

My 250 is great when making cards, again I get all over coverage and this one is big enough to put a couple of cuts through at a time but small enough to not be bulky or in the way when I am creating. One of my favorite tricks with the xyrons is to put an image in right-side down and then cover the sticky part with glitter for a quick and easy sparkly accent.

Monday, February 06, 2012

WIP Mondays

So rumor has it in blogland that I have indavertently contributed to the number of Mika's WIPs and I must say that I am guilty. I have a tendency to start a layout and not post it because it just needs something....................................what I don't always know but I will not mark it complete until I figure it out. Case in point this layout, besides the obvious missing journaling I feel like there is something missing. I may add some rolled flowers or some swirly acents and some bling but I haven't committed to anything just yet but I will by Friday, just you wait and see!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Woohoo! It's Friday Baby!

Ummm....................yeah this is my hubby celebrating in his new SpongeBob pjs, lol!

I have my five year old niece's birthday party to attend and my crafting class to teach this weekend but I do still hope to return with a ton of scrappy goodness.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Inspiration Bullseye

Me and my daughter were in Target this week for a few items when we ran across this display. I was immediately drawn to the colors and despite her pleas of "Mommy please don't take a picture of that in the store!" I did anyway to use as inspiration for a few cards.

The bag with the butterfly was my inspiration for this card-

The next card was inspired by the colors but with a twist. I used the backing from one of my clear stamps as a transparency (see below), trimmed the excess and then ran the transparency through my xyron to adhere to the card, The results are fabulous.

College Bound

So the reality that my baby is no longer a baby is settling in. It was hard to accept and I have had my moments of still trying to hang on to those aprons strings but it is really out of my control. Tuesday we made a 4-hour round trip to Hershey, PA to interview for a college. I sat in on her interview and it was hard not to interject. She did a good job but I wish she would have highlighted more of her accomplishments. As in the quote from Marianne Williamson (or Nelson Mandela depending on who you believe) "Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine". ....................I feel a layout coming on, hmmmmmmmmmmm.


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