Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cutter Shopping

Okay, I am in serious need of a cutting system. I have a Sizzlit die cutter that works great. I never invested in a Sizzix just because it seemed so expensive buying different dies and fonts. Just as I was going to breakdown and buy a Sizzix the electronic cutters started to come out. So I have been looking at the options. I like the wishblade. I actually love the wishblade. The biggest attraction is that it is compatible with any true type font. The drawbacks are that it has be hooked up to the computer and it seems like there is a learning curve and oh yeah, the price. But I found a web site The Scrappin Path that will allow you to put it on layaway and its is even on sale for $439.00. But then on the other hand there is the cricut. This is too cute. It looks easy to use and it is portable. The price tag is $299.00 (I found a site that had pre-orders for $269.00)which isn't that bad. The drawback is that you have to purchase cartridges to get different fonts at $89.00 a cartridge. That can really add up. So now I am wondering am I being too frugal especially since right now I am hand cutting letters and some of my images. Or is the market going to change and these machines are going to be on sale at ridiculously low prices and I'll regret not holding out a little longer. I did make one major decision however - after I purchase a cutter, then I am on scrap book shopping hiatus. I am going to limit my purchases to cardstock necessities and my monthly kit until I reach my goal of completing several albums. I have found myself becoming a collector instead of a creator and I don't like it. Maybe I will hold off my purchases until the CK in Valley Forge this summer, that will make the experience more exciting.


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Wellllllllllllllll, I have a QK, Sizzix, and sizzlets.............. I thought about the wishblade too,but Im gonna pass, but ONLY because I already have a printer that will print on 12x12 paper....LOL...good luck with your decision!

stephanie said...

use can use my QK @ any crop. i have the page mini font. love it! i would like the studio and abigail... working on that

CKC is going to be so fun. we will have to take at least 1 clasee together!

ClassC Scrapper said...

I say, hold out as long as you can and shop around!!!LOL!!! I am one who will hang out as long as I can to pay what I think is a reasonable price for something. I have missed out on some things, but then I feel that it just wasn't meant to be. I have a Sizzix machine, a Sidekick, and 6 sizzlit fonts, but you best believe that I used a coupon or got a really great deal on all of them. So again, I say hold out and take the best deal when you can't stand it any longer!!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

QVC has the Cricut on sale today for $260. I like that you can cut from 1" up to 5". I have another die cut system that I bought from HSN. I've used it a few times but I like that the Cricut cuts for you. Found a web site that has cartridges for $81 instead of $89 ( Looking forward to trying it out.


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