Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Looking for a new Love

I can not believe how dependent I have become on technology. I broke my camera when I was in New York and I lost my cell phone while food shopping two weeks ago and since then my world has been topsy turvy. Since it is time for me to get an upgrade on my phone and I have a work cell phone and an Ipad I didn't want to rush into buying a new phone. I mean it is a two year committment, a lot of relationships don't even last that long.

I am not really into the whole Android thing, you know I am old fashioned and think a phone should be used for..........................well, used for talking. I have been having a hard time deciding exactly what phone to buy. But after I read the reviews on the my touch slide 4g and discovered that not only can you talk on it but it has the best HTC camera on it, I think this may be the one for me. It will solve two problems in one swoop.

I wish we could go on a couple of dates first, try it out, see if we are really compatible but for some odd reason T-mobile won't go for that. Oh well, after a little more research I will just take the plunge and go for it, after all we could always break up in two years.


MyCuriousCrafts said...

You got some great deals...that is always cool. Shopping always turns lemons into lemonade. Super cute paper sure to let us see your awesome creations. ~Shen


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