Monday, December 06, 2010

For the Record

When I said I would try to post everyday, initially I thought that would include weekends but after being so super busy this weekend I know that is just one of the most ridiculous ideas I have had in recent history. But as not to disappoint here is my weekend recap. I hung out after work here, North bowl Philly, for my bosses' retirement party.

He is definitely not a gold-watch-banquet-hall kind of guy so this was right up his alley (pardon the pun). We bowled, ate and drank for three hours. Everyone seemed to have a great time. I was in charge of the bowling and pool tournaments so I didn't get the chance to take one picture although I did get to sneak in a game of Air Hockey.

So ironically my family and I went bowling together Saturday night. It was the boys against the girls with each team winning one game a piece - sounds like a rematch is in the future, huh.

Sunday I got to meet Iffy in person one of my SFFs (Scrapping Friend Forever, she came up with this, lol).

She is just as adorable in person as she is in her photos and she had a wonderful personality to match. We both had on black sweaters and jeans, (Iffy did you notice that?) we share the same wedding anniversary date of 12-12 and we had a nice breakfast together and guess what - NO PHOTOS. I am getting really horrible keeping up on my photo-ops, another thing to add to my list of resolutions.

Sunday night my daughter and i stopped in Target just to look around..........................................okay we all know that is impossible. I didn't buy much though. I did get some Herhey's nuggets to alter and give away as gifts like this - altered nugget tins. I also got a wall mounted storage cabinet kind of like this but mine has a shelf and then two small doors. Even though it is technically for a bathroom I think it will be perfect for my wood mounted stamps. Hopefully I will get a minute to put it together tonight. I only have a few more pieces of furniture I want before I cconsider my scrap room complete.

Although I don't have a lot of weekend photos, let me leave you a recent camera phone fave. This is my niece and her daughter experimenting with makeup. I think my baby has a future as a makeup artist, what do you think?


Jojorenee said...

Wow what a powerful post!
You know I was so jealappy that you met up with Iffy!
Why was the Vizio in there? You buy me a TV for my scraproom???

OMG niecy looks too funny in the last photo,reminds me of when I was 14 staying over my cousins and they dare you to fall asleep. They painted my toes all sorts of mixed gross colors!

Jojorenee said...

Oh ya and that bowling place is cool! Great photos!!!


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