Saturday, June 26, 2010

No Mail Day - Ugggh!

Okay we all know the reputation of dogs and mail carriers. And believe me I always thought that was a myth, I mean what would make a dog want to attack a mail carrier for no reason. Cartoons always satires the situation and I have even chuckled a few times at the images of a dog tearing down the street after the mail carrier but now this has just gone too far because I am directly involved. My little baby Oreo absolutely despises our mail carrier. I don't know why but she charges the front door when the mail is delivered and even stands on her hind legs, looking out of the window to make sure she is gone. Now trust me, Oreo's bark is way way worse than her bite.
She has never bitten a soul, to be honest I don't know how far she can open her small mouth and as you can see she is not that big and she is full grown. Well in the summer she likes to sun bathe on the porch and our mail carrier will not come near our door. So today I missed my Oh My Crafts order with my Forever Young cartridge and the new Echo park line, I am so disappointed! Bummer! Oh well, maybe Monday.


Laura said...

Oreo is sooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!! I love those photos and i am loving seeing your blogging more now! :)


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