Thursday, November 01, 2012

Catching Up!

Sorry blog-buddies, my mojo has been waaaaaaaaay off! I am finally getting back into the groove of things and as soon as the sun returns to Philly tomorrow I will be able to share my latest layouts. So what has been going on? Welll...............I celebrated my birthday in October and I decided that I need to show I still  have it, lol. 

My niece and I hung out one Friday night sampling as many Margaritas as we could and still drive, lol. (BTW I am not tipsy in this picture- I didn't even have my first drink yet, her flash is blinding!) 
My grandson came over for a visit and Jada and I took him to the park. He couldn't decide whether he should laugh or cry, too funny.

And then Hurricane Sandy. I actually heeded the warning and shopped early, checked the flashlights and secured anything that needed to be secured. Our public transportation system shut down for two days and I do not drive in bad weather - period! so we were stuck in the house. Cabin fever set in so quickly, my husband was on the porch yelling "storm party over here!" just for some excitement. I finally got to venture out late Tuesday and this is what the bread shelves looked like at my local market.  

Glad Sandy is gone and may she never come back to the East Coast!


Krafthead said...

OH MY! LOL to your DH! My DH does stuff like that...I don't understand why?? Anywho, looking good lady and happy belated birthday!

Gemiel said...

Happy belated birthday !!! You look marvelous!! You definately do still have it!!!

Tiffany @ Iffy Scraps said...

LOL! Your Hubbs is funny. I love that pink on you! Happy belated birthday!

Barbara Dixon said...

lol! Your hubby is too funny.
You look Fabulous young lady!


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