Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

Just a few thoughts, I promise to get back to scrapbooking tomorrow, lol.

  • Even though I feel like there is not enough time in the day, would I really want more added?

  • I have several layouts done just need to take photos.

  • Pilar and Deion Sanders divorce is messy, who is really thinking about the kids?

  • Why would anyone eat a "Heart Attack" burger, the name says it all.

  • Reality check - Sixers vs the Heat in the playoffs -ummm I love you philly but not a chance!

  • Disclaimer - just because something is made in your size does not make it fit to wear - enough said!

  • How is it possible to have over 400 channels and the only thing good to watch is King of Queens reruns?

  • Found a great fish market in Upper Darby, the Rainbow Trout was awesome!!!!

  • I never miss an episode of Cupcake Wars, even if I have to DVR it.

  • Why are my dogs so noisy when they are cleaning themselves, yuck!

  • In a good mood today - I pity the fool who ruins it, lol.

  • It is nice to still have men open the doors for you, a favorite perk at my job.

  • Today is National Walk at lunch day - get to steppin!!!!

  • True friends are forever, glad to have you back!

  • I heard Think like a Man is a good movie, maybe the girls and I will have a date night Friday?

  • Time to cut the strings, not as easy as I thought.

  • 4 sisters+5 different personalities = my family, I love them a lot.


lovemypaper said...

Wow I agree!

Renee said...

I totally identify with many of your thoughts here!!! Hey, since you enjoy my giveaway posts so much - here's another site I found today - they're giving away a Xyron gun, 72 Spectrum Noir alcohol markers!!!, and a bunch of Spellbinders dies! It's like I've died and gone to Heaven! Here's the link -

Jojorenee said...

That about sums it up! And I found out my son is quite the gentleman all his own holding open doors for ladies. But you know he flashes his dimples and they're wooed!


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