Monday, August 31, 2009

In Knots

The one thing I have learned my moving into my own scrap space is that organization is key. As I was trying to figure out what to do with the various ribbons that I have collected over the years, I remembered seeing this idea in a magazine {sorry, can't remember which :( }and online several times and decided to give it a try. I love the results!!!!

First of all going through my ribbon baskets has been like being on a treasure hunt, I forgot about so many different patterns that I have. It has been very exciting. Next I figured out quickly that there is no way I can complete this task by myself so I have enlisted the help of my youngest daughter (at a price of course!). So we started out with some old -fashioned wooden clothespins and wrapped the ribbon around the pin and secured the end with a straight pin. It looks great but these clothespins are hard to find and we ran out of the few I found quickly. So next we started good ol' reliable popsicle sticks. These babies are so versatile! We employed the same concept and wrapped the ribbon around the stick and secured it with a straight pin. I was even able to find some cute straight pins at the local Rite-aid (see the yellow butterflies, pretty clever, huh).

When we finish I need to figure out how I want to store them. I know I want something clear and easy to access. I was thinking Ikea might have something that works (any reason to shop, I know, lol). If you have any ideas feel free to share! Thanks!

I really have too much ribbon, can someone just slap me if I tell you I am buying more ribbon! Then again,I probably just won't tell you now though, lol


Jojorenee said...

I love how they came out-the knots that is! I think a nice glass bowl will show them off just perfect but what do I know!

Tiffany Temple said...

u love theidea of popsicle sricks! i think storing them straight up in glass jars would work


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