Friday, August 21, 2009

Breathe Again...

I definitely have to post more frequently, by the time I get on here I have so much to say that it becomes a super long post. So now I don't know where to start! This summer I made a total of 25 pounds of potato salad, hosted three parties, went to two weddings, went to a crop retreat and spent more weekends with my extended family than I have in the past five years and it has been fun. I have been working 4 ten hour days at work to have Friday's off and this is the first Friday I have had for me since the beginning of summer and what am I about to do........................... yes CLEAN! There is so much to do around the house I think that is where I will start after I catch up on some blogging. So do you want to see a few pictures? This is my Man, the love of my life Reggie. We have been together for eight years this December. It has not always been easy and we have had some devastating situations, one of them being a stroke he had three years ago (He is fine, he just still has slight paralysis in three of his fingers). He is such a fighter, even on the way to the hospital he was trying to make his arm work - determined not to let the stroke get the best of him. His favorite spot in the summer and even in the winter sometimes - is on the grill! This man can barbeque his a double s off. Which probably explains why we had about 60 people at our block party, lol. We are having another block party on the 29th and he has promised to keep it small - we will see!

This is me and my niece. I love her to death. She is the one I can talk to and hang out with. We go Black Friday shopping every year (even when I don't fell like it, lol). She fell in love young and married a guy who just turned out to be nothing like he seemed. She went through a hard divorce in her twenties and struggled as a single mother until she me Bryan. He is a refreshing change to the men she was use to and he loves her to death. He calls her the boss. Together they are a loving couple and I was honored to be he maid of honor. This is a picture from her bridal shower (the pg-13 version - I haven't seen the x-rated version yet)!

This is me with my four sisters, now they would kill me if they knew this picture was up here because they don't want to be "all over the internet" but I don't think they know about my blog so I am safe for now, lol. I am the youngest with a 14 year difference between me and my oldest sister, our relationship is strange but all in all if something happens, good or bad, we are there for each other. I love each one of them. This was at my sister in the middle fiftieth birthday party this summer.

And I got to meet my sister from another mother Mika, yes we even have the same name. Sometimes I swear we were separated from birth and genetically altered, lol. We think alike too much! She makes me laugh and has the prettiest smile. We had a good time scrapping until our eylids dropped. I have to blog about the trip in a separate post to give the full details. Thing won't be complete until we meet our third muskeeter Myia! She is my girl and above all she keeps it real ! That girl is a very creative scrapper and can work magic with her pattern papers. I should start working on Reggie now to take me to Vegas! Myia-boo here we come!

And finally this is me, tired from all of these activities, bored at work and playing with my camera! Have a great weekend - I am going to try to complete some sketch challenges, clean up a little and then get ready for date night with Reggie!


Jojorenee said...

Love all those photos you put up, great shots You are too funny!


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