Friday, June 23, 2006

Alls well that ends well

Okay so much for my two day break. My dear bf has returned tonight (by the way he hates computers so he'll never read my blog :). We have an evening of pizza planned (I am having a salad instead) and checking out some movies. I am going to try to rent 16 Blocks and Freedomland, I've heard both of them were good movies. Maybe I'll stop and get my favorite Margarita mix too

Back to the salad thing, we have a cafeteria with a salad bar at work and it is the bomb. Today was my first time trying it, but it was great. Everything was fresh and there are at least eight dressings to choose from. It only costs 39 cents every 4 ounces and it was totally filling. I have been taking baby steps to a better me. I am eating more salads, veggies and fresh fruit, less meat, and drinking lots and lots of water. I truly have to work on my exercise regimen next. Right now I am focusing on walking more. I have gotten so use to jumping in my car just to go to the store three blocks away. I have also given up taking the elevator at work all the time (especially since I have gotten stuck twice in the elevator in the past month). Mentally, I am shopping for books - (any suggestions?) and I am renewing my subscription to Essence - how did I let it lapse? I also have to take the GMATs this summer so I can apply for grad school in January 2007.

It is funny how in our twenties we feel invincible and in our thirties we start appreciating our bodies more so we can make it through the forties, fifties, sixties, etc


Tangee said...

I hear you, sweetie! I am enjoying my 30's so much more than my twenties. I feel so much more complete nowadays! Good job on the eating healthy, I know it's tough.

stephanie said...

i am trying to change a little too. move veggies really is the key!

toya said...

good food good drinks, have you tried the coolata from dunkin donuts, love it, orange juice dejour, lol

Christine said...

Girl I feel your pain. I love my husband but I am so glad when he is not around so I can have my own life. I was did not get married until I was 37 so it is hard to share my life. It is so funny because when I finally became comfortable with my own company I fall in love and get married LOL!!!

Adrienne said...

Baby steps are the key sometimes!!!


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