Thursday, January 12, 2006

I gave in to temptation

I must confess, I gave in. I tried, Lord knows I tried but I just couldn't resist.....joining a monthly scrapbooking kit club! I am now an official member of The Red Lily. Thanks to Adrianne and Stephanie.It started out so innocently. I just visited the site and looked around. I saw the December kit and was tempted, but my credit card said, "Are you kidding, you haven't finished Christmas shopping!", so I resisted. Then I wanted to go into the gallery,but you have to sign up. Sign up..Oh No!! I felt my defenses weakening. I was a member but no kit - what kind of logic was that. Yet I signed up anyway, I started reading all of the comments and looking in the gallery, wanting to join but not succumb to peer pressure. But it finally happened, I was broken when I saw the January Kit. The pinks and the swirls just drew me in!! I snatched my credit card out of my purse, rationalized why I needed to spend money and signed up today. I can't wait until my kit arrives.


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

HAHAHA!!!!! You can handle it!!!!! Glad you joined! You will LOVE it! LOL

stephanie215 said...

I can't wait until i get mine either!!!! that green and black dot paper is just waiting for me to break out my paper cutter and do some work! oh and those chipboard flowers... are you kidding me!?!???

ClassC Scrapper said...

Oh, no, don't say that!!! I have been to their site and thought maybe I should try it out. I have had memberships in a couple of monthly kit clubs before only to have them stack up on me. When I looked at the Red Lily I thought about trying them out, but I will not succumb to temptation . . .I will not succumb to temptation. . .I will not . . .LOL!!!! Enjoy your kit, can't wait to see what you create!!!


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