Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Venture

I am trying my hand at the edible treats/ decorations. This week I made my first batch of sugar cookies and decorated them. I did some things well but there is a lot of room for improvement. Right now I am playing around with getting the right recipe. The one I tried this week included baking powder so they rose up a little too much to be decorated easily but they tasted really good and that is important to me. I would hate to serve something pretty but that did not taste well. So I have another recipe that I am going to try next. For the icing I found a buttercreme icing recipe that was again tasty but because the recipe also included shortening it did not dry all of the way. It was only dry to the touch so when the cookies were stacked the design was messed up. Also I think I make it a little too thick. Getting the icing on the cookies was definitely a bit of a challenge but I felt like I got into the swing of things the more I practiced.

I was really super proud of myself that everything was made from scratch! I got a candy-apple red T-fal mixer for Mother's day a few years ago and to this day I think it is my most favorite gift. And now I am putting that mixer to good use! Tonight I will be playing in chocolate making cake pops, chocolate covered oreos and chocolate covered strawberries. I will share pics soon. I have my first official gig (a baby's baptismal) on November 23, 2014, wish me luck!



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