Monday, July 30, 2012

CKC 2012

Saturday we went to CKC in Lancaster. This year's event was very laid back and not as exciting as events in the past. I don't know if it was because of the change in venue or the fact that there seemed to be less vendors but the vibe was definitely different. Lancaster is a quaint town that is further away from Philly and New Jersey and I am sure this change affected the overall attendance. I didn't do my usual damage although there were a few temptations like SEI had a grab bag worth over $100 for $20 and a couple of vendors were selling some very nice Memory Box Dies. As I shopped, I kept in mind - "What is it that you really need or are really going to use" and just walked away with this small purchase. Jada got a tie die kit from the SEI vendor and then we had burgers at an Irish Pub. It was a nice outing overall but a little disappointing.

Oh well at least I did finalize a couple of more layouts this weekend.


Krafthead said...

Sorry your outing wasn't as good as you would have hoped, but you did get some goodies! I am loving the projects ;)

Jojorenee said...

Oh I like what I see, your haul and the new layouts!!!

Tiffany Temple said...

Great value in the grab bag!! I wish we had some event like that here in Louisiana :(
Nice layouts!

Netta said...

Great haul,, I am glad you made the best of the your LO's


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