Monday, May 16, 2011

All in the Mustard and can't Ketch-up!

Wow, where does the time go? I haven't felt like I have had a quiet weekend in such a long time. I have so much to share but I will try to be as brief as possible. First my biggest news, and I have been hesistant to share it, is that I am on a weight loss journey. I don't know what kicked it off officially but i just decided that it is time. I decided four weeks ago to begin the Dukan diet, like Kate Middleton and so far I have lost 20 pounds. I did not take a before picture and I haven't been doing a great job taking pictures along the way but one day at work while wearing a pair of pants that I couldn't even get both legs in for two years I got this bathroom shot. My hips and stomach are a little bit smaller and I notice the difference. This motivates me to keep on moving!

Oh My, Happy belated Mother's day to everyone! My family and I attend the Race for a Cure every year and this year my nieces and daughters got really creative with their outfits. Their "Touch Yourself" shirts were reminders to everyone to do your self-exams.

My first craft fair went well. I sold about 1/2 of my products and I stuck to mainly my glasses when I saw that it was a fair geared more to home items. Unfortunately most of my profits was used to buy food for my hungry helpers (my daughters, lol) but it was still a good experience. I would definitely do it again and I am looking forward to going to different venues in the fall. Here is a picture of part of our set-up.

and back to Mother's day for a moment the girls bought me some new workout clothes, my stepson gave me a beautiful card and my husband well ..............not a thing. See every other week he buys me roses, different colors and different sizes like these without a holiday or special event, just because he loves me. Who could ask for more?

But then this weekend he bought this for me,

and this for me. I guess I am getting a little spoiled and loving every moment of it.
and last on the news list is I became a step-grandmother this weekend. I think I am going to have him call me La-La like my niece does. Little Jaiden Jefferson was born Friday May 13th, sounds pretty lucky to me!

I will be back soon with some crafty goodness, I promise.


Jojorenee said...

Wow that was a blast of news! Congrats on all your successes,new gifts & most of all life!!

Tiffany @ Iffy Scraps said...

WOW! Do it mama! You got alot going on! Congratulations on everything!

lovemypaper said...

What great news congrats on everything!


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