Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oh I think they like me

**I have pictures I want to share but they won't upload to blogger, I am really thinking about switching to typepad**I scored big "Mom" points this weekend. I took my daughters to their first concert to see Chris Brown and Ne-Yo. I have to admit at first I had reservations. I used to attend a lot of rap concerts when I was (uh-um) younger and I remember the fights that would break out. When my BF and I went to the Battle (NY vs. Philly) with KRS-one, Schoolly-D, Whoudini, Cool C and Steady B just to name a few, the concert had to be stopped until the fights stopped. So needless to say I didn't want to have my girls attend their first concert without me there to keep them safe, especially after I found out Lil' Wayne, Julez Santana and Dem Franchize Boyz were going to be there. But I was pleasantly surprised. It was a very clean, fun, hyped, party-like atmosphere. We had a real good time. I bought them souvenir t-shirts (there's a story behind that- there were guys selling unlicensed tee shirts in the parking lot. Since this activity is illegal they have a real fast hustle. So one guy walked up to me and flashed a t-shirt the girls wanted. I told him what sizes I wanted and he lifted up his shirt to dig in his oversized jeans and pull the shirts out. Needless to say I passed on those particular shirts, but he definitely gets an "A" for creativity and resourcefulness). The best part is my girls didn't even know they were going to the concert until two hours before it started and they were pleasantly surprised. I especially knew I did a good job when my oldest daughter placed her ticket in her photo album to treasure. And by the way, yes I did keep up with the kids at times doing the shoulder lean, lean with it rock with it, and the dance from "oh, I think they like me", but I drew the line at the "chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side".

In grown-up news, have you ever wondered why you stopped doing things you use to like to do? I took a walk at lunch last week (about six blocks) to go to the book store. While there I purchased the latest issue of Essence with Beyonce on the cover. I use to subscribe to Essence years ago and stopped renewing my subscription for some reason, but WOW, this issue is so good. They have changed the layout of the magazine and it contains a little bit of everything. Some fashion tips, financial tips, entertainment news, hot topic articles and features showing everyday women doing extraordinary things. I am really enjoying this issue. I am definitely going to subscribe again, but as a Girl Scout leader I am going to wait until we kick off our "Be a Reader" campaign to make my dollar more powerful.

Thank you everyone for keeping an eye out for me. I plan on fixing my links and changing my banner soon. After I finally got my computer working I got sick, real sick, I mean 104 temperature sick. Since I can't comment on blogs at work and I am sharing my home computer with my "pre-teen, internet surfing, I-pod downloading" daughter, my computer time is very limited. I am definitely going to have to get another computer in the house..soon!

P.S. I love my cricut. I got it just in time, because now AC Moore is not allowing you to use the coupon to purchase it anymore. It can cut any type of paper, including Bazzill, you just have to know how to adjust the pressure and speed. A lot of people complain about having to change the cutting pads but if you catch them on sale they are only about $7 for two. You don't have to change them too often so I think it is reasonable. I am up to three font cartridges and have been having fun. I can't wait to show my Girl Scout troop in the fall, I think the girls will love it. Also it has a USB port which is rumored to be for adaptation to your computer in the future. My only complaint is that when the cutting pad is brand new it is super sticky and your paper curls as you take it off of the cutting pad.


toya said...

glad to read that you are doing well, your girls must have had fun at that concert, I hear good things about it, I used to subscribe to essence to, but lost the passion for it, I did beyonce on the cover but I got a little turned off because she is on like every cover of every magazine, how commercial is that, but i love her music, except for ring the alarm, not quite feeling that one as yet.
okay girl stay good and have a great day

Adrienne said...

Welcome back girl! Glad you had a good time at the concert with your girls. I loved the last issue of Essence. Enjoy your day today!

Christine said...

Hey Girl
Glad to see that you are doing well!!. Whoo you took me down memory lane talking about whodini and etc. And somebody was always fighting at concerts here in Detroit too back in the day. I have started scraping more just have to start putting my work on my blog lol!!! Have a great labor day weekend!!

Lisa D. aka Maxinit said...

Glad to see you are doing well...and loving your cricut!

Veroncia said...

I am so with you on changing to Typepad. I mad the huge mistake of upgrading to the Blogger Beta. HATE IT!!! I bet the girls enjoyed the concert. You definately got Mama points for that one. Glad you enjoyed too.


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