Saturday, July 08, 2006

Peanut Butter and Jelly, Fleas and The Color Purple

What do all of these things have in common? They are all on my mind right now. I woke up early this morning craving a PMS Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. So I pulled out the ingredients, poured a glass of ice cold milk and indulged.

FLEAS - uggh!!! I hate them. I have two cats and they both have them. I need help. Last year when they had them, they were kittens and easy to handle.
Now that they are five times bigger they won't let me put the flea spray on them. Any recommendations?

And finally I am going to see The Color Purple
tomorrow in NYC. Any restaurant recommendations? I know Stephanie went to Serendipity3 when she went to NYC, I may just check them out. Enjoy your weekend. I have spent this morning catching up on blogs and complaining, now I have to go cut the hedges.


Mye said...

You make sure you have fun in the NYC. I so want to see this play, I know it will be wonderful! Enjoy!

Kim said...

Have fun in NYC. It's coming here next year, I already have my tickets.

I hear ya on the PB&J sandwhich. Hope it was good.

Adrienne said...

Hope you have a BALL in NYC! I want to see that play too! Try giving the cats a flea, then set off flea bombs in the house...HTH!

toya said...

i hope you have a fun time!

Veroncia said...

Have a ball in NYC. I'm jealous...LOL And you need to dip those cats. Then bomb your house like Adrienne said.

Trina said...

I went to Masion after the play... i think we walked there. It was good.

You will enjoy the play! It was wonderful. I went a few months ago. Get the soundtrack cd too.

stephanie said...

girl love me some pb and j with the milk. holla!
um we can't do cats. they make me sneeze. and they do their own thing too much for me. good luck with finding a solution!!!

Mye said...

Okay...girl it's been awhile. How was The Color Purple. Do share!

Lisa D. aka Maxinit said...

Ok...lady where have you been??? are you lost in blog land somewhere??lol...been missing you girl! Hope the "Color Purple" was all you wanted it to be and more!


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