Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Moms don't have to be Superwomen

I hope everyone had a great Mother's day. I reflected a lot on my life and what example I am trying to set for my daughters. A lot of this reflection occurred during the Race for A Cure - Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk. I made shirts with my Mom's picture on it because my sisters, nieces, and daughters walk in her memory. It was a hard moment for me and I was glad to keep it together, (my daughters hate to see me cry). So anyway, I was walking and thinking, looking at my daughters and remembering the first time I held them and how much they have grown and I started to think about why scrapping is so important to me. I look at pictures of my mother and search for memories. Most of them are of our relationship not of her as a person. I wonder what she felt as a woman? I wonder if she was happy? What made her happy? What were her goals? What was her wildest moment? Who was her first love? How important was love to her? What would she do differently if she had the chance? Was her life fulfilled? How did she feel when she was first diagnosed? Who did she tell? Who was her favorite group? What were her dreams? So many questions I have for her - see she passed when I was still young so to me she was only MOM, not the strong black woman I now know her to be who overcame so many obstacles. So through the questions I realize that I want these answers left for my daughters. I want them to know that I am who they are going to be someday. That I have feelings and dreams just like they do. I don't want them to think I am perfect. And I don't want them to think I can fix everything. I do want them to know I will try my best to love and provide for them any way possible, but I too may fall short. I don't want to be their Superwoman, just know me as a woman who is a MOM.


Adrienne said...

What a wonderful entry! That is why its SOOO important for us to scrapbook ourselves. Get from behind the camera and write about US, so OUR children will know what we were like.

toya said...

I totally feel you girl,, we don't need to be extraordinary just ourselves and their for the ones that love us. I cherish my mom, she is super in my opinion yet she is the humblest and kindest person you will meet. thanks for sharing this, Great post


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